Day 7: You Need to Persevere — It's Midnight Ministries


What if you had lived in those days before women had the right to vote—those days when women were not admitted to colleges. When they could not make speeches in public. What if you were considered of lesser worth to men in terms of reasoning ability?

What would it have been like to be expected to stay at home, simply producing children and preserving culture?

Many women must at that time have felt quite small. Having low self-esteem. Lacking confidence. Not feeling complete. Confined to roles below their competence level.

Both Emily Stowe and Susan B. Anthony had tireless determination to create a better world for women. Once they decided to make a difference, they dug in, not satisfied until they’d done all they could. Thanks to women like them, better opportunities now exist.

Can you identify with that ‘never-give-up’ spirit? You might also be determined to do something in your life that you can’t let go of. Maybe it’s not to fight for a cause. It might be learning a skill, playing a sport, doing your best at something you love doing. If it’s important to you, you don’t give up, knowing it will pay off.

But such determination can be hard to come by. We don’t always have the energy. Sometimes we’re just not healthy enough. But consider this: One day you might find it in you to be the whole person God intends you to be. What could you do to feed the belief in God as the Creator he is, the One who can give you the strength and courage you need?

Many find confidence by believing that God made them for a reason. That could be true for you too. He gave you ability and gifts. If you don’t believe he did, that’s you talking. Not God.

One day—maybe sooner than you think—you might find the desire to reach out and try something new. Develop a new hobby. Find a place that needs you to volunteer. There may be a need that only a person like you could fill. Don’t be afraid to try. Pray about it. God will help.


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