Excerpt from my book, A Battle Against Stigma

I find it easiest to be myself and to be close to those who are strong believers. It’s important to me to have a friendship in whom God has an active part. My most intimate conversations are those that include Jesus. I’m learning to see that more and more. I hunger for Jesus and one of the ways I fill that hunger is by writing about him for others.

I also hunger to share him with friends over coffee. Those times are precious. Filled with a warmth so holy that I can feel it for hours after.

It reminds me of the holy joy I felt after facilitating Living Room. There I would spend time with a group of ten or more, leading them in discussion about Jesus. After the meeting I was left with a feeling of the most exquisite joy. Joy that kept me warm for a long time.

Jesus is not to be kept to ourselves. I believe his love comes through best when we share him with others.

Is that why it’s so important for me to be part of a study group where I can talk about Jesus with others? Is that why the friends we make in such a setting can be among the closest and easiest to talk with?

Maybe that’s why I don’t mind going to hospital as a mental patient. I’ve found many there who hunger for Jesus the way I do. It’s a good place to talk with others who also need him in their life.

(Was my strong spirituality to blame?)