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What is the pain of stigma?

IN THE NAME OF JESUS When I talk about the pain of stigma, I think many would wonder what I’m talking about. Most would not consider the effects of stigma to be pain at all. Yet it is. Very much so. People who are stigmatized experience distinct feelings that they don’t fit in. They’re thought […]


In the name of Jesus – the book

I’m a bit late letting you know, but In the Name of Jesus is now available in book form.  I pray that the publication of this book will encourage spiritual support for people with mental health challenges.


Possessed by God

IN THE NAME OF JESUS In true “In the Name of Jesus” fashion, as I try to describe in the book, would you be able to help a very sick friend following Christ’s example in this story? Could you learn to have compassion for people with mental health conditions, even when they’re so very different […]


Ask it in my name

IN THE NAME OF JESUS SPIRITUAL SUPPORT FOR MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES   And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. John 14:13   Some of you will have heard that I have a new book coming out about how to help your friends overcome […]


After the fire

  Sometimes truths need to be faced, recognized as the pain they have caused. To remember how Jesus suffered too, and how he must have felt. And yet, Today is today, and God is still good, always to be remembered for what he has done. He doesn’t sleep. After a fire in the Chilcotin area of […]


The gospel is for outcasts

FOLLOWING JESUS “The good news of the gospel comforts us because the mission of Jesus from beginning to end was, and is, to rescue outcasts. Throughout his ministry on earth, Jesus consistently acted to include the very people that had been left out. Jesus rescued women, children, foreigners, sinners, the “unclean”, outcasts, the sick and […]


One on one support – Part 29

IN THE NAME OF JESUS I have a good friend who is a troubled person, having suffered a lot of abuse as a child and later as the wife of an abusive husband. She suffers recurring emotional pain because of this, yet I admire her for the courage she has had to survive. I love […]


Where can you turn? Part 25

IN THHE NAME OF JESUS From a person with bipolar disorder. My roller coaster ride wouldn’t stop. I didn’t feel so depressed that I didn’t want to do anything. Just felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. Trouble with me is that I feel a need to reach out and draw comfort from others. Yet that […]


Hungry for God – Part 24

IN THE NAME OF JESUS I have a friend who has a wide variety of interests. Using the internet, he studied various languages—not because he had to, but because he enjoyed it. And he wrote poetry—compassionate stories about peoples who were unjustly treated. He loves reading the Bible—not just bits and pieces here and there, […]


Excluded – Part 23

IN THE NAME OF JESUS When a study group was being formed promising to promote deeper relationships, she wasted no time putting her name down. She needed friends and had been waiting for such an opportunity for years. But two days before the first meeting, she received a call saying she would not be included. […]

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