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Do you hear our voices?

  IN THE NAME OF JESUS This is what people with mental health challenges want to tell us: We are looked down on. We are not understood. Our truths are not believed. We are shunned rejected, excluded. We are made to feel ashamed. Our abilities are often underrated. Our opinions are not respected. We are […]


Addressing the pain – part two

IN THE NAME OF JESUS When first getting to know us, love might be hard to show without first understanding . But do show kindness. Show you care, as you would for anyone who isn’t feeling good about life and about who they are. Yes, we who struggle need kindness most of all. If we […]


Addressing the pain – part one

IN THE NAME OF JESUS How can the pain of stigma be reduced?  How can the good in those of us with lived experience be recognized and affirmed? We need to have caring people to build us up. And followers of Christ are among the best individuals to make this happen because they have Jesus […]


Followers of Christ can help

IN THE NAME OF JESUS You have probably heard me say the following before, but it bears repeating. Much is being done to reduce stigma. But reducing stigma is not nearly enough. Something important is being overlooked. The voices of those who are to benefit, those with lived experience, are not being heard. And it’s […]


A message to the Church

IN THE NAME OF JESUS I am concerned. Because I, and others with mental health conditions, are not being heard. Although I’m not a trained counselor or pastor, I have known Jesus for a very long time, especially close to him during times of suffering. Through him and the words he has given me, I […]


From concept to workable ministry

ACTION REQUIRED The pain caused by stigma can no longer be ignored. It needs to be addressed by all who care. All who want to follow Jesus are called to be involved in a supportive care ministry—a ministry to serve the stigmatized people of today in the way Jesus once cared for those the world […]


Let us love one another

IN THE NAME OF JESUS I speak with the love that Jesus, in his gospels, taught us to have for those the world wanted nothing to do with. I speak for my brothers and sisters. It is a well-known fact that people with mental health issues suffer a lot of stigma. But little attention is […]


To save the lives of many

  IN THE NAME OF JESUS I like the story about Joseph, the young man in the book of Genesis who had been sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. After some very rough years passed, he successfully interpreted a dream for Pharaoh. Impressed by Joseph’s knowledge, Pharaoh appointed him second in command to himself. […]


What is the pain of stigma?

IN THE NAME OF JESUS When I talk about the pain of stigma, I think many would wonder what I’m talking about. Most would not consider the effects of stigma to be pain at all. Yet it is. Very much so. People who are stigmatized experience distinct feelings that they don’t fit in. They’re thought […]


In the name of Jesus – the book

I’m a bit late letting you know, but In the Name of Jesus is now available in book form.  I pray that the publication of this book will encourage spiritual support for people with mental health challenges.

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