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Living Room becomes a burden

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  239  (June 11, 2009) It has been a long time since I posted. Things haven’t been good. Every once in a while a good day and every once in awhile an absolutely horrendous day. I am grateful for the good weather we’ve had. I’ve been able to spend the early morning hours […]


We all need a purpose

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  238  (May 27, 2009) After a couple of days of sleeping through most of the day, and after a full night’s sleep last night, I awoke this morning feeling more positive. I feel ready to start rebuilding. And I am grateful that God has brought me to this place this morning. Were […]


God’s work, not mine

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  237  (May 24, 2009) I haven’t found the stability I had hoped for. Am once more on a downward spiral and it gets quite tiresome. Every time I find some hope, I fall down again. One step forward and two steps back. And although I know my problem is medical, I also […]


Five years later I let go (2019)

I wrote the following in April 2009: “Maybe I’ve reached the limit and God wants to open new paths for me to follow. I’ll have to see and be open to his leading. Would I ever like to be stable and strong again!” But it was not until five years later, in early 2014, when […]


Dealing with limitations

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  236 (April 29, 2009) Someone sent me a quote awhile ago by Patricia Deegan that I really like. It’s really speaking to me now: “For those of us who have struggled for years…recovery is not about going back to who we were. It is a process of becoming new. It is a […]


Emotionally damaged (2019)

My life has changed in many ways. Disorganized and all the problems that brings. Frequent and sudden depressions accompanied by a wish to die. Haunted by bad memories. Often confused. Praying for more peace. I sometimes wonder. Is this old age, mental illness, or both? But I can see it’s more than these. It’s emotional […]


Nominated for award

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  235  (April 23, 2009) I’ve been keeping a secret because I don’t quite know how to talk about it. It’s hard to talk about without sounding like I’m tooting my own horn. Several weeks ago someone nominated me for the Canadian Living “Me to We” awards. It was because of my Living […]


God pours his love into our brokenness

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  234  (April 22, 2009) I’ve got to share something with you here, something that came as a revelation to me and it might to you too. I have a good friend who is a troubled person, having suffered a lot of abuse as a child and later as the wife of an […]


Comment on transforming love (2019)

I believe transformation takes place throughout our lives, not only through love, but also through suffering. But when we suffer we must not let go of God. We must keep him close. When we do that he will make us stronger and better able to serve him. I’d much rather have love transforming me than […]


Love’s power to transform

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  233  (April 17, 2009) If you’d known me forty years ago when I first got sick; then twenty years later when I decided to rely on God’s help for survival of depression and psychosis; then five or six years ago when I received the support and inspiration of people in the church […]

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