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Month: June 2023

Faith promoted at a mental health conference

GROWING Written in my blog, in November 2009: My moods continue to go up and down. And when I feel ok, it’s as though I’m walking a tightrope, trying to maintain my balance so I don’t fall one way or another. Amazing how many symptoms there are to watch out for. And each time one […]


The gospel is for outcasts

FOLLOWING JESUS “The good news of the gospel comforts us because the mission of Jesus from beginning to end was, and is, to rescue outcasts. Throughout his ministry on earth, Jesus consistently acted to include the very people that had been left out. Jesus rescued women, children, foreigners, sinners, the “unclean”, outcasts, the sick and […]


What can healing do?

What can happen when we – through Jesus – bring healing to people living with mental health challenges? Along with us, they will grow in faith. They will gain hope for a better future. They will be more confident, feeling better about themselves.. They will have the courage to try new things – to grow. […]


As Jesus healed, so must we

People with mental health challenges live with the following: They are looked down on, They are not understood, Their truths not believed, They are shunned, rejected, excluded, They are made to feel ashamed, Their intellect is often underrated, Their opinions not respected. They are not taken seriously in the way well people are. This should […]


Why reduce stigma?

  HEALING THE EFFECTS OF STIGMA I only wish I were younger so that I would have more time to speak to the wrongs I see in the world – to help a well-intentioned world see that there is something important missing in their efforts to reduce the stigma of mental illness. What is missing […]


One on one support – Part 29

IN THE NAME OF JESUS I have a good friend who is a troubled person, having suffered a lot of abuse as a child and later as the wife of an abusive husband. She suffers recurring emotional pain because of this, yet I admire her for the courage she has had to survive. I love […]


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