People with mental health challenges live with the following:

  • They are looked down on,
  • They are not understood,
  • Their truths not believed,
  • They are shunned, rejected, excluded,
  • They are made to feel ashamed,
  • Their intellect is often underrated,
  • Their opinions not respected.
  • They are not taken seriously in the way well people are.

This should not be – not for any human being.

Jesus healed such as these in his day. He healed by showing his love to all who were rejected by the world. And we, as his followers are called to do the same today.


Healing can occur, one individual at a time, by following Christ’s example:  by accepting them, showing kindness, and listening to them. Remind them that God loves them and values them. He has things for them to do. They are needed to do God’s work in the way others are,

Through Jesus and his name, this is possible.