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Comments on God’s will & prayer (2018)

At the time I was founding and building Living Room, my morning quiet times were two hours long. I spent that time reading my Bible, meditating, praying and journaling. It was a rich time with God. I felt close to him and it showed in the courage and strength I was able to bring forth. […]


God’s will

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  143  (March 24, 2008) One book I’ve been enjoying very much is Philip Yancey’s Prayer. I had read most of this book about a year ago but became overwhelmed. Amazing how much Yancey finds to talk about on one topic. Recently I started again at the beginning, this time doing the reading […]


Living in freedom

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  142  (March 16, 2008) When I think back to my Living Room devotional on Friday, I can see that I must have confused some issues. I was trying to talk about the importance of love in our lives – both receiving and giving love – and how those can help us cope […]



LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  141  (March 15, 2008) I’m feeling amazingly uplifted, ready to tackle my housework today, something I’m never very good at. Is it the Living Room meeting yesterday that put me into this good mood? I wouldn’t be surprised. Those meetings always do wonders for me – in a magical sort of way. […]


Comments on supportive allies (2018)

Repeating Koenig’s quote from the last post, I would like to tell a little how this panned out for me.   In New Light on Depression, Harold Koenig writes how we need a supportive ally who will say, “I love you, and there’s nothing you could do or say that would change that. I am with […]


Supportive allies

LIVING ROOM  MEMORIES  140  (March 8, 2008) Did I ever have a flu! One like I haven’t had in years! I was too sick to sit at the computer, but had plenty of time to think. One thought I had repeatedly was, “At least I’m not depressed.” Very few things are as bad as depression. […]


Comment on finding meaning (2018)

I need to comment here. There is a problem when poor health takes away the meaning in life you once had. When the joy you once experienced in the work you had loved can no longer be found. When opportunities become limited because of disability. Such a situation can create greater depression than before. I […]


Meaning in life

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  139 (March 5, 2008) I have been thinking of why some people who have depression decide they want to die and then take the drastic action to commit suicide. Others with depression – though suffering – choose to live, no matter how dark their life has become. What’s the difference? How can […]


Sacred space during depression

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  138  (March 3, 2008) One of my blogging pals has spoken a number of times about how she needs friends around her who will be with her when she’s depressed, understanding that she may not want to – or be able to – talk much. I also feel that is the best […]


I need a friend

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  137  (March 2, 2008) Depression is a lonely place to be. The loneliness and disconnectedness we feel must be the worst part of it. We long for someone to reach us through that wall we have around us. We long for love to touch us and bring us out. We long to […]

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