(March 15, 2008)

I’m feeling amazingly uplifted, ready to tackle my housework today, something I’m never very good at. Is it the Living Room meeting yesterday that put me into this good mood? I wouldn’t be surprised. Those meetings always do wonders for me – in a magical sort of way.

We had a smaller turnout yesterday than we’ve had in past months – only twelve of us. I was a bit frustrated that we couldn’t get a better discussion going around finding meaning in the midst of pain. I thought it was such a good topic, but everyone was so quiet. Is this such a foreign topic to most people that they haven’t thought about this before? Am I alone in thinking along these lines?

Glad that my son and his wife are coming for dinner tonight. Glad that we’re going to the Oregon Coast for a little holiday next week (hope the weather is good). Glad spring is coming. Glad my mood is up. I feel a freedom – an ambition to do some of the many things I’ve been putting off. Energetic. Thank you, God!