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Month: April 2023

Over-reliance on a supporter-part 5

IN THE NAME OF JESUS Problems arise when a person with mental health problems starts relying too heavily on a supporter. I’m ashamed to say that I speak as someone who has been guilty of excessive contact with people who were once dear to me. I speak as someone who has been deeply hurt by […]


Laziness or depression-part 4

IN THE NAME OF JESUS We have to be careful when we blame a family member for being lazy. When we’re not familiar with psychiatric illnesses and symptoms, it’s understandable to feel that way. But if this apparent laziness doesn’t lift within a reasonable length of time, the problem could very well be depression—an illness […]


Brothers and sisters all-part 3

IN THE NAME OF JESUS Just before he passed away, Narayan Vaman Tilak (1861-1919), a famous convert to Christianity in India, wrote the following to a missionary friend: “Cease to be fathers and mothers, be real brothers and sisters, know how to appreciate, trust people, and take the place of India’s revered saints.” Unfortunately, a […]


A struggle with low self-esteem – part 2

IN THE NAME OF JESUS When we see our friends with mental health problems living with low self-esteem, some of us might think it’s mental illness that makes them that way. That might be true, but chances are just as likely that it’s because of the way the world looks down on them. Your friends’ […]


In the name of Jesus – part 1

  HEALING THE WOUNDS OF STIGMA Help with our mental health has come from many areas of the secular world. The medical profession and mental health professionals help us deal with symptoms of our illness. We have medications. We’re taught coping skills. We have counselors to listen to our day-to-day problems. But none of these […]


Thank you Jesus, for what you did

Good Friday 2020   He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem. Isaiah 53:3   Good Friday is a time when we remember how Christ suffered and died for us. […]


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