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Month: April 2016

Peace in the midst of crisis

I was going to tell you how having a Christian faith helps believers feel a deep inner peace. A peace that passeth all understanding. God’s peace. I was going to tell you how having such peace can help with symptoms of our illness. But…I’ve been thinking: How available is that peace to us when we’re […]


Someone to count on

As you know, I’m a follower of Christ, which means that I believe in the God of the Bible. I originally sent this to a group of Christians dealing with mental illness. This version is edited a little for this blog. If you’re on a spiritual journey of your own, this post might help you […]


Upon waking

  My worst times are when I wake up after a nap. That’s when bad memories come upon me. It just happened again, though the bad thoughts now-a-days are not nearly like they were a couple of months ago. I’ve come to see how I must get up and do something (like the blogging I’m […]


Am I doing enough?

I’m concerned. Wondering if I’m getting enough DBT to make a difference. I have three therapists: One is only a case manager – does very little actual therapy with me. Another is a clinical therapist, great at helping with the spiritual part of me, something I consider important and am grateful for. The third, a […]


What’s in a name? …a lot.

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time now. But today I’m caught feeling quite angry about an issue that concerns many of us. The name that’s been given our illness – Borderline Personality Disorder – is an utterly inaccurate description of what we deal with. Giving the illness such a name […]


Those darn tears

I’ve always cried easily, something that has caused me much embarrassment over the years. With my recent diagnosis I learned that this super sensitivity is a feature of BPD. I finally realized that my life-long problem was the result of an illness all along. One of the things I best remember about our wedding forty-seven […]


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