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I’m concerned. Wondering if I’m getting enough DBT to make a difference.

I have three therapists: One is only a case manager – does very little actual therapy with me. Another is a clinical therapist, great at helping with the spiritual part of me, something I consider important and am grateful for. The third, a new counselor, says she does DBT, but so far has shown that she’s more interested in doing trauma therapy. I don’t want trauma therapy, preferring to concentrate on the here and now rather than the past.

My third therapist says that most DBT can be done on my own, using a workbook. But is working on my own enough? I really don’t think I’m disciplined enough.

My case manager did say that my writing is helpful. Most of what I write about is how to cope with emotional problems – both for the spiritual emails I send out to a list and for this blog. As I write, I myself find ways to cope and I help others with struggles like mine learn to cope as well.

Another thing I wonder about: I’ve been told  by a number of people that I’m self-absorbed – a problem many with BPD have. But, when we’re told that we need to work daily on DBT, does that in itself not increase that tendency?

I really don’t know to whom I’m writing. Wish I could see your faces. Wish I could get to know you. But I hope you’re all well today. Well and happy. Happy with who you are.