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Month: August 2023

Ask it in my name

IN THE NAME OF JESUS SPIRITUAL SUPPORT FOR MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES   And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. John 14:13   Some of you will have heard that I have a new book coming out about how to help your friends overcome […]


After the fire

  Sometimes truths need to be faced, recognized as the pain they have caused. To remember how Jesus suffered too, and how he must have felt. And yet, Today is today, and God is still good, always to be remembered for what he has done. He doesn’t sleep. After a fire in the Chilcotin area of […]


Where is God’s love?

IN THE NAME OF JESUS When I consider the many who receive unjust treatment, the collective amount of pain is huge! The resulting damage done to their sense of self-worth and ability to lead a meaningful life is considerable. So good that God carried me through to where I am today, where I can share […]


I’m odd at times and wish I weren’t

IN THE NAME OF JESUS Sometimes life is such that one needs to talk about what goes on in one’s heart and soul. Today is one of those days. I wasn’t feeling well this morning, grieving the fact that I have a mental illness that causes me to say strange things and act in strange […]


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