Written in my blog, in November 2009:

My moods continue to go up and down. And when I feel ok, it’s as though I’m walking a tightrope, trying to maintain my balance so I don’t fall one way or another.

Amazing how many symptoms there are to watch out for. And each time one of those symptoms shows itself, I have to put a different coping mechanism into place. Read a different psalm, pray a different prayer.

There are the lonely feelings, the poor eating, overwhelmed feelings where I can’t see how I can possibly manage doing the many things I need to do, unable to organize a list. Little things seem like big things. I’ve even had moments thinking I couldn’t go on. Thank God those moments have been brief ones.

I will have to walk my tightrope well. Do all the right things. Stay well.

I’m preparing for Living Room on Friday. Also preparing for the Into the Light: Transforming Mental Health in Canada Conference coming up November 27th. This is a national conference put on by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Simon Fraser University.

Living Room will have a presentation there. I’ll have an opportunity to interact with conference attendees and tell them about it. This is exciting because it will be our first opportunity at a mainstream national conference to showcase what we do. An opportunity to highlight the importance of faith to mental well-being. To show what churches have it in their power to do . . . if they only would.

To tell the truth, at the event I felt rather small, on my own representing Living Room. On my own promoting a faith approach to mental health issues at such a major conference. I was grateful to Vicki Rogers from the BC Mood Disorders Association (MDA) who came to stand with me when my turn came to interact with attendees.

I went to several presentations and took opportunities to speak up for faith-based support when discussions allowed it. At an evening Wine and Cheese event, someone from Simon Fraser University’s Co-op Radio introduced himself. He was curious about how church and mental health could mix. Actually, I think he thought me to be a bit loopy. But after talking for awhile, he ended up taping an interview which was later broadcast.

What an exciting time that was! By the time the conference ended, I didn’t feel so small anymore. Just very glad to have had the opportunity.