(November 3, 2007)

Tonight I found an awful comment to my article about Finding Meaning in a Life with Bipolar Disorder. The person had lost her home and her family and had some pretty mean words about my views. And it made me think: am I being far too positive in my approach? Tonight I feel dreadful about it, knowing how much suffering there is and the great losses people suffer as a result of the illness – losing everything, and even their lives to it.

My life is turning out well, though I too went through pure hell for much of my adult life. I’ve been fortunate in every way. Yet I mustn’t overlook the great tragedy of this disease. I shouldn’t be too proud of my positive spirit. Once in a while I should think about others and grieve for the many who are experiencing hell. Perhaps I should learn to cry a bit more for all those who are in such pain, instead of flaunting my personal good fortune.

I feel for that person who was so angry with me and I can’t blame her for feeling the way she does.