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We’re not cats

  And we urge you, brothers and sisters, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone. 1 Thessalonians 5:14   A few minutes ago, I watched my cat as she lay in a shaft of warm sunshine washing herself. It occurred to me how we humans […]


We all need a purpose

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  238  (May 27, 2009) After a couple of days of sleeping through most of the day, and after a full night’s sleep last night, I awoke this morning feeling more positive. I feel ready to start rebuilding. And I am grateful that God has brought me to this place this morning. Were […]


Moving towards living room (2019)

What was my life like before Living Room? I’ll try to describe briefly. When we married, my husband and I joined a camera club where we became immersed in photography. Before long we both became leaders in the club. It took a while for me to grow the confidence, but it was a friendly group […]


Comment on living with purpose (2019)

Coming back to the topic of living a life of purpose introduced in the previous post: Not long ago I published a devotional called LIVING VICTORIOUSLY that addresses the topic of purpose for people with mental health issues. You can access it by clicking I must tell you how things have been throughout most […]


“Having purpose” as a Living Room topic

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  181  (July 26, 2008) At Living Room yesterday we talked about a topic that was prompted by Erwin Raphael McManus’s new book Wide Awake. We talked about what God made us to do. What happened to the dreams we had when we were young? I was a bit worried about bringing up […]


At the age of 42…and by following God

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  110  (November 5, 2007) I need to explain something that has been of utmost importance in my life. At the age of 42, after spending most of my life up to that point not believing in God, I decided to give him a try. I was going through a particularly horrendous time […]


Anger about my article

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  109  (November 3, 2007) Tonight I found an awful comment to my article about Finding Meaning in a Life with Bipolar Disorder. The person had lost her home and her family and had some pretty mean words about my views. And it made me think: am I being far too positive in […]


Finding meaning in a life with bipolar

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  99  (September 10, 2007) A while ago I had an article published on with the above title. The first person to comment did not like my view at all, arguing that: “It’s bad. It’s a defect in our brain functioning. There is no gift from God about it. Mental illness is […]


Finding meaning through illness

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  91  (August 16, 2007) My most recent article about finding meaning in my life with bipolar disorder was published today. I hope you’ll take a look. There has been one comment, one I’ve responded to. The person vehemently disagrees with my efforts to take a positive spin on things. And perhaps you […]


Why are we here?

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  40  (January 25, 2007) I’m excited about the meeting our Living Room group is having tomorrow! We’ll be starting a four-session series of discussions: A spiritual journey to discover what we’re here for. Whoever is interested in joining the journey (I suspect it will be everyone in the group) will be reading […]

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