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Trust God and do good

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  270  (March 16, 2010) Big disappointment. We had to cancel the plans for a seminar because a couple of the speakers weren’t able to make it on the date we had planned. And there’s no other good time this year for me to devote to it. A trip in late May and […]


Anger about my article

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  109  (November 3, 2007) Tonight I found an awful comment to my article about Finding Meaning in a Life with Bipolar Disorder. The person had lost her home and her family and had some pretty mean words about my views. And it made me think: am I being far too positive in […]


Living room’s holy joy

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  61  (April 14, 2007) Yesterday we had a meeting of our Living Room group. And once more, as always, I had a wonderful feeling after – a quietly joyful feeling (I call it “holy joy”). And that feeling is still somewhat with me, though of course, gradually fading. But I’m happy and […]


Roller coaster excitement

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  46   (February 21, 2007) Yesterday was another great day. The Vancouver Sun photographer came to take my picture. To my surprise, he wanted more than a head and shoulder shot. He decided to take me to the roller coaster nearby and photographed me at the base of it. For a while I […]


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