Looking over the previous blog from 2009 I see how the degree of wellness I had during my Living Room days had not been as great as I remembered. I had a lot of instability. Long periods of depression and then highs when I started planning and organizing far more than I could manage.

Today I asked my husband, “How does that compare to how I am today?” “It’s different,” he said.

Today I also have my aging to contend with, bringing poor memory and difficulties staying organized. I don’t function as well as I did during the days I led Living Room. I don’t cook anymore and do little grocery shopping. Nor do I pay bills. I’m much more dependent on my husband.

In addition, I was deeply hurt by people I loved and who I had thought loved me. That brought emotional problems that have affected me in many ways.

But I’m not so different in one important aspect. I still fight to reduce stigma and I still want to support people living with mental health problems. I want to encourage them, show God’s love, help them find healing. I do all that mostly through my writings.

Yes, I can still write! Despite all my problems, I can still write! Praise God!