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Why reduce stigma?

  HEALING THE EFFECTS OF STIGMA I only wish I were younger so that I would have more time to speak to the wrongs I see in the world – to help a well-intentioned world see that there is something important missing in their efforts to reduce the stigma of mental illness. What is missing […]


A dizzy soul – excerpt 4

  EXCERPT 4 – I WILL NOT HIDE June 2007: I’ll be going to Bible study in a little while and I know that one question our facilitator, Mary, told us she will be asking is, “How is your soul?” I would have to answer that it’s rather dizzy right now, though it is improving. […]


Unstable, but I can still write (2019)

Looking over the previous blog from 2009 I see how the degree of wellness I had during my Living Room days had not been as great as I remembered. I had a lot of instability. Long periods of depression and then highs when I started planning and organizing far more than I could manage. Today […]


Discussion about stigma at living room

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  182  (August 5, 2008) At Living Room this Friday I’d like to once more discuss the topic of stigma. Stigma is something so many of us have trouble dealing with. Stigma often causes even more pain than the symptoms of our illness do. Stigma causes many of us to deny we have […]


The service was wonderful!

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  68  (May 7, 2007) The mental health service at church surpassed my expectations. It was so wonderful that I spent the rest of yesterday in a bit of a daze, trying to process it all while listening to the CD that was made. The speakers from the Living Room group spoke openly […]


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