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Coming alongside God

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  245  (August 11, 2009) One thing that contributed to the depression I’ve recently recovered from was that I felt overwhelmed by all that Living Room brought me: people to support, interest by others from far and wide to start a group. A few weeks ago I even heard from someone in Pretoria, […]


Overwhelmed – I’m only one person!

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  183  (August 24, 2008) I’m healthy, but – I think quite understandably – feeling overwhelmed about all the things I have on my plate. I feel as though I’m trying to live the lives of half a dozen people, all at one time. And I don’t know how I’m going to manage […]


TV interview coming

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  105  (October 18, 2007) I’m excited, but a bit worried too, about an upcoming interview I’m doing with the national Christian TV show, 100 Huntley Street. They approached me a while back about discussing my life and my ministry with them. The reporter found me through the articles I had published on […]


Overwhelmed and exhausted

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  103  (October 1, 2007) I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted lately, into a space where I’ve been doubting myself, not able to see how I could possibly manage all the work I’ve taken on. I’ve felt like I might be on the brink of another depression. My friends have comforted me with […]


I’m only one person!

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  77  (June 21, 2007) In my journal this morning I made a list of all the things I’m trying to do and I’m overwhelmed. What I’m trying to do should be the work of an organization, not a single person! How did I get into all this? Is this mountain the product […]


Life is too interesting

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  14 (October 2, 2006) Life has been getting entirely too interesting lately, and I know I will have to slow down and try to do something boring, like knit on my scarf, or watch TV. But it’s hard. My mind is revving continuously, wanting to keep pushing the work that is so […]


Time to rest

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  11  (September 23, 2006) My pastor gave a wonderful sermon on rest a few weeks ago. Today I’m trying to follow his/His advice. I’ve been very busy lately, overwhelmed by all that’s going on in my life. Today I need to let go and not feel like I need to be accomplishing […]


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