(June 21, 2007)

In my journal this morning I made a list of all the things I’m trying to do and I’m overwhelmed. What I’m trying to do should be the work of an organization, not a single person!

How did I get into all this? Is this mountain the product of a bipolar mind? I haven’t been hypomanic lately. Yet I’m always ambitious. I always have dreams. These things don’t change. They’re part of my personality.

But I can now see I have built a very high tower, brick by brick, not realizing how high it might become or how I would manage it or how I could keep it from toppling.

The good thing is that if I can’t do some of the things I’ve personally committed myself to no one will be hurt…too much. I can let things go. Yet it’s hard not to take advantage of opportunities. Letting go of some of the ones that have come along lately would be a shame. So I’m feeling pressured.

I have finished the manual that will serve as a tool to help other Living Room groups get started. And I’ve been hearing that people in other communities are now showing interest in starting them up. I would like to be able to support these new groups – to be there for them. I will also have to work at writing another manual for facilitators and another with sample devotional material. With those projects and writing for the website I mentioned in my last post, I have a lot of writing to do.

It’s time to make a list. Time to set priorities.

God, please let me stay well. There’s too much good work to do.