(October 18, 2007)

I’m excited, but a bit worried too, about an upcoming interview I’m doing with the national Christian TV show, 100 Huntley Street. They approached me a while back about discussing my life and my ministry with them. The reporter found me through the articles I had published on Doing this is like a dream come true. I had always thought I would like to be on that show. Such an excellent venue to talk about faith and mental illness. I had thought I would approach them once my new book is out. But amazingly they approached me.

The reason I’m a bit worried is because in recent days, when talking about Living Room, my mouth hasn’t worked too well. I’ve found it hard to express what I want to say.

Perhaps I’ve been too steeped in work lately. My son and his wife are creating a Living Room website, a job that requires a lot of input from me. A new Living Room has started in Abbotsford and another is looking into starting up in that same city. I’ve been working on devotional samples as well. And then there was the book proposal I sent to an agency recently. Also I get quite a few phone calls from people needing support. Altogether, I’ve been doing a lot of mental health work.

I must do some work around the house. Start trying to cook some decent meals again. Balance my life out a bit.

And I need to do a lot of praying. I need a lot of prayer from my friends – including you, my blogging pals. Please pray that my interview on October 26th (an all-day affair) goes well. Please pray that I will be able to speak clearly and express the passion I feel for this work.