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What a friend!

  Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command. John 15:13-14   Before the troubles came upon us, I had been focusing my writings on Jesus. But then I changed direction, feeling called to write encouragements, to help […]


Loss of friendship (2019)

I have a friend who was very important to me, in many ways. This friend helped shape me into the person I’ve become, guiding me, mentoring me spiritually, giving me comfort when I needed it. I never had anyone I admired so greatly nor felt closer to. How sad it was when changes happened to […]


Following a friend’s example

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  247  (August 29, 2009) The holidays I had this spring and summer showed me how good it is for me to take time out to relax. They showed me how important it is to keep my life in balance. I decided to try not to get overly stressed again. I need to […]


God pours his love into our brokenness

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  234  (April 22, 2009) I’ve got to share something with you here, something that came as a revelation to me and it might to you too. I have a good friend who is a troubled person, having suffered a lot of abuse as a child and later as the wife of an […]


How sick!

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  226  (March 19, 2009) I need to have someone to complain to. I have a bad cold. Fever and a cough that scares the cat off my lap and – actually – would scare anyone. It sounds like I’m dying. I don’t feel like doing a thing, yet I’m bored too. What […]


A friend’s window of hope

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  207  (November 22, 2019) My depression is dragging on, but in a roller coaster fashion – some days really bad, some not so bad. What occurs to me is that I’m actually in a position to learn a lot right now. I’ve been wanting to write about how a person can best […]


Please pray

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  200  (November 5, 2008) I feel heavily burdened today for a friend, a Living Room member, who is in hospital. Her psychiatrist certified her and she is not allowed her clothes. On top of that, he and her therapist have turned her over to a new psychiatrist, withdrawing from her case. This […]


In the company of Jesus

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  197  (October 22, 2008) I’ve been waking up sad every morning lately. Spending time with God in sadness. And I wish it were enough for me to simply sit and be in the company of Jesus for comfort. But I so often want to reach out to friends when I feel like […]


Comment on waiting patiently (2019)

In the previous post you read the following:  Unfortunately, being patient and hopeful is pretty difficult during times of depression. It’s the nature of depression to take away hope. And we often don’t feel God’s presence at times like that either, so it becomes hard to trust Him. Fear takes over. It’s good at times […]


I need a friend

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  137  (March 2, 2008) Depression is a lonely place to be. The loneliness and disconnectedness we feel must be the worst part of it. We long for someone to reach us through that wall we have around us. We long for love to touch us and bring us out. We long to […]


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