(August 29, 2009)

The holidays I had this spring and summer showed me how good it is for me to take time out to relax. They showed me how important it is to keep my life in balance. I decided to try not to get overly stressed again. I need to avoid getting depressed again.

A friend who I love and respect has promised herself not to do more than three big things in a week. She too tends to get into doing too many things, especially things for others, and becomes overwhelmed. Mind you, she doesn’t have a mood disorder and is better able to cope than I am when that does happen.

This friend has become an example for me in many ways. I like the way she shepherds the people in her Bible study groups, caring for those who need it. In many ways I’ve come to live my life like her, at least in the way I care for people. (There are many ways in which I haven’t followed her example, like in keeping a well organized house, though I’m working on it.)

I’ve followed her example, telling myself I’ll only do three big things involving other people in a week. But something happened without any intention on my part. This coming week I have seven things planned – important things. UGGH!!! How did I get into this? How it does creep up on you, eh?

I need to take myself in hand. I need to be more careful. But it IS amazing how things crop up. Will have to try to whittle this down. I need to keep some time for myself.

Thanks for listening to my complaints. But I’m hoping that by writing here about this I will be able to commit myself to better live within my limits.