In my last post I wrote, “And yet I know I need to trust God. I need to remember that he is in charge. I need to remember to keep talking to him – aware of his presence, grateful for his love and his goodness. I’m trying to cling to God as well as I can.”

It’s true. We need to trust God especially when doing a big work for him. We need to lean on him, realizing he’s in charge. He is carrying the load – a load that would be a burden to us when we try to do it alone.

When I think back to my Living Room days, I tend to remember the joy and the love the work had contained. But I forget days like the ones I describe in the previous post. I forget the struggles.

Today, although I do have problems staying organized, I’m coping quite a bit better than I was. Life is more fulfilling than it has been for a long while. I have activities I enjoy and friends from church I’m getting to know better. My writings seem to be helping people deal with their lives. This encourages me to keep going. It helps me realize that God is working through me. That makes my life very meaningful.

What concerns me is that I’m becoming more distant from God than I have been in the past. Is this because things are easier than they were? I don’t have a huge challenge like Living Room right now. Neither am I suffering emotionally in the way I was for a couple of years. A wonderful thing too: As I work on this blog, my depressions come far less often. Perhaps I just don’t have as great a need for God today.

And yet, I know I do. I always need God. If I’m going to follow Jesus I must stay close and be prepared to respond when he calls. I will have to be ready to hear him. Am I listening?