(April 21, 2008)

Our discussion about alienation made me think of Living Room and how that’s one place where I don’t think anyone feels out of place or on the outside looking in. In searching the web on this topic I found out that self-help groups are excellent places to overcome feelings of alienation. I can see how that is true.

At Living Room each person is warmly welcomed. No matter what their emotional condition, they are fully accepted. Our open sharing of things that are usually kept secret from people on the outside is healing. Because of this transparency with each other, we come to love and appreciate each other for who we are. And with God at the center and Jesus as our example, how could we go wrong? The result is a very special place where everyone feels he/she belongs.

My prayer is that members of Living Room will take this sense of belonging with them to the world outside as well. I pray that they will gain confidence, knowing that they’re not so different from others in that they’re each special before God.