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Where can I fit in? (2019)

(From my journal, July 2015) It hurts to realize I’m different. Not normal. Is that why no one wants to spend time with me? But there are corners where I do fit in. At the Shop where I volunteer and at Living Room I’m accepted the way I am….at least I thought so. I loved the […]



LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  160  (May 20, 2008) With my husband away I have a lot of freedom, yet I’m kind of at loose ends as well. Nothing to tie me down…floating from one little activity to another…trying to talk to some friends every day to stay in touch with the world. It will be good […]


No alienation at living room

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  153  (April 21, 2008) Our discussion about alienation made me think of Living Room and how that’s one place where I don’t think anyone feels out of place or on the outside looking in. In searching the web on this topic I found out that self-help groups are excellent places to overcome […]


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