(From my journal, July 2015)

It hurts to realize I’m different. Not normal. Is that why no one wants to spend time with me?

But there are corners where I do fit in. At the Shop where I volunteer and at Living Room I’m accepted the way I am….at least I thought so.

I loved the Shop – my “home away from home.”It was a place where I could go in the early morning to be with people.I loved greeting the customers.It was a place where I felt I belonged.Though I was often depressed, I went home happy after the Shop.Best of all, it was a place where I could talk with another about God – not possible at home.

However, I started feeling indications that I was no longer appreciated. There was a lack of kindness and hurtful remarks. My heart said I should not stay. But the message came through a fog. I didn’t know how to leave.