(July 1, 2010)

An amazing answer to prayer: My friend in hospital has improved by leaps and bounds. Two days ago she wasn’t allowed her clothes because she was still suicidal. Today she will probably be allowed an accompanied pass, meaning she can leave the hospital if she has someone with her.

Her spirit is up. She is so grateful, praising God. She delights me so much and gives me such joy.

The day after she turned around so well I was sitting in my favourite chair on the patio having my quiet time, feeling very grateful. I noticed the sun shining on our hanging fuchsia basket. I noticed how it illuminated one of the blossoms beautifully and decided to photograph it. As I was shooting a few pictures, a bee flew into the frame. How special that bee made the picture! It takes the picture from being an ordinary picture of a flower to being something a bit more special. God’s work, eh?

That very day I made a bookmark from it for my friend, a bookmark celebrating her turning from darkness to light. “Morning has broken.”

I’m praising God this morning. He is so good. He answers prayer.