Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

1 John 4:7


After I had sent out Monday’s devotional on FOLLOWING JESUS, I realized – to my great embarrassment – that I had missed talking about the best part of following Jesus!  How could I possibly have done that? I’m so sorry!

…and this part is not so hard. It doesn’t take courage. It’s mostly about giving of yourself to others – the best you have within yourself. God will show you what that is.

You may not find that “best” within you every day. But, most certainly it will appear, especially when you leave your heart open to receiving the great love God has for you. In prayer, ask your heavenly Father for that love – invite it to make its home in you.

God’s love – in all its warmth and vibrancy – is something you can’t help but share with others. It’s like a mother who has baked the most delicious cookies ever taking delight  in sharing the sweetness with friends and neighbours. This giving is fueled in the same way.

When you feel God’s love bursting within you’ll find it too wonderful to keep to yourself. Such love – with God as its ultimate source – overflows to everyone around you. It can’t be held back. Love extended to those who had once been lonely will find its way to other lonely souls. Friendships are created. Once God’s love lives in our hearts, the joy it brings is bound to touch those we meet.

There’s a magic in this love. We’ll find that the very act of giving it away brings it back to us. In fact, the giving and receiving of love are two actions that combine to become one. One burst of love becomes two – just like that. Double joy. I have to say it again: That IS magic.

I think you can safely forget Monday’s devotional and focus on the one I’ve just brought you here. The most important part of following Jesus is most certainly to love others in the way God loves you – in the way Jesus modeled.

(And, again I exclaim – How could I have missed this?)

There’s so much one can do with God’s love. Love will inspire us:

  • To help make the world a better place.
  • To accompany others on their journeys with illness.
  • To bring joy where there is none.
  • To create art in response to the beauty of God’s world.
  • To help improve people’s lives.
  • To help provide the needs of others.

Now, think about this love we’ve been talking about. Imagine a roomful of people who follow Jesus, sharing his love with each other. Think of what it would be to see such love flowing betwixt them! God will certainly make his presence known.  He will be seen and heard. He will be known.

Imagine the joy!