(September 30, 2008)

I’m feeling not too bad at all this morning. I pray that this upturn will continue and that the depression won’t pull me under to too great an extent.

It’s interesting to see how depression grabs hold. Increasingly I’ve been grabbed by pensive moods. My husband will catch me repeatedly, head in my hands, just sitting there, thinking – in the deep. At church I go deeply into worship, pulled into prayer. Gradually I’m pulled under until it becomes hard to actually do something. I’d rather just sit and wallow in my inner life.

Being aware of this helps. And – again – my friend’s question yesterday helped: “What are you going to do for yourself, Marja?” Her suggestion was kind, encouraging me to “do” something that would benefit me and make me feel better. I know that what I need right now is to “do,” instead of wallowing in thought.

It helps to write down my thoughts – to have a beginning and end to them instead of allowing them to roam around endlessly within. To bring them out onto paper, perhaps share with a friend.

I’ve also alerted some friends and they are encouraging me, letting me know they care. That comforts me.

Sometimes I think I’m making a lot out of nothing. Yet the onset of depression has been a real one, and sharing my fears with others and taking “action” is encouraging me to escape the deep before it totally pulls me under. I need to stay on the surface and be in the world if I’m to do the work I’ve taken on.

I have a list of things I’d like to do today. Nothing too difficult. Some pleasurable things and some things that are chores. I think I’ll be alright. I’m not afraid. And I know God is with me.