(October 20, 2006)

One of my pal’s blog has been dealing with mania, heightened sensitivity, and creativity – a fascinating topic. It is truly amazing how so many of us are highly creative people. So many artists, musicians, and especially writers, have had bipolar disorder or depression.

Personally, I thrive on creative projects. I’m a photographer, writer, cookbook author, knitter, crosstitch embroiderer, inspirational booklet publisher. I’ve initiated innovative projects. As I’ve matured, I’ve learned to take on leadership roles. Living Room, our church’s faith-based support group, is my latest project. It’s something that excites me and gives me lots of opportunities for creative planning.

I’m sure all this has something to do with my disorder. It’s because of this that I’m not too unhappy about having bipolar disorder. The meds contain my moods so that they don’t overwhelm me too much. I stay on the page.

Heightened sensitivity has influenced my spiritual life as well. When I’ve been high, the words of the Bible speak powerfully to me, in a way that would not be possible if I were stable. Not that the way I read is an “insane” response, I actually absorb the meaning in a more intensive way than I would if my mood were flat. Scripture becomes more understandable to me. The meaning I get out of it goes deeper.

I’ve accomplished much with my life, things I would never have been inspired to do if it were not for my frequent highs. It’s been costly though. All too often, the highs are followed by periods of depression.

And yet, when I look back, I can say I am grateful for all God has given me. Life has been difficult, but it’s also been an exciting adventure…and it continues to be that.