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Bedrock under my feet

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  258 (November 21, 2009) I’m getting along not too badly. Hard to stay active though. I prefer to sit and think. To meditate. Or would you call this ruminating? Yesterday I emailed a friend telling her how I see things piling up around me that need to be done. And it makes […]


Coming alongside God

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  245  (August 11, 2009) One thing that contributed to the depression I’ve recently recovered from was that I felt overwhelmed by all that Living Room brought me: people to support, interest by others from far and wide to start a group. A few weeks ago I even heard from someone in Pretoria, […]


Our need for God (2019)

In my last post I wrote, “And yet I know I need to trust God. I need to remember that he is in charge. I need to remember to keep talking to him – aware of his presence, grateful for his love and his goodness. I’m trying to cling to God as well as I […]


God’s work, not mine

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  237  (May 24, 2009) I haven’t found the stability I had hoped for. Am once more on a downward spiral and it gets quite tiresome. Every time I find some hope, I fall down again. One step forward and two steps back. And although I know my problem is medical, I also […]


“Trusting God” discussed at living room

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  189  (September 10, 2008) At Living Room on Friday we’re going to talk about trust. Being able to trust in God – to trust our ability to be well – to trust our doctor, etc. etc. It’s so important to a life of peace. It’s so important to our health. When I […]


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