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The link between feeling and doing

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  64  (April 23, 2007) I’ve been trying to focus on doing rather than focusing on my what I feel, but find the two are so linked it’s almost impossible to separate the two. Today I have a fairly long to-do list. Actually, it’s not really that long, but it feels long because […]


Gift of each new day

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  62  (April 18, 2007) You may think this a rather trite thing to say, but we can’t take for granted the gift each new day brings to us. It’s amazing how much difference a day can make in my mood. Each morning I wake up and wonder, ‘What will this day bring? […]


Moods, a rainbow of colour

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  59  (April 9, 2007) Going through the endless ups and downs I’ve been experiencing lately I have come to, once more, realize what a powerful effect our moods have on our lives. I’ve only had several black days but many rather down days. My current life is painting quite a clear picture […]


Why are we here?

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  40  (January 25, 2007) I’m excited about the meeting our Living Room group is having tomorrow! We’ll be starting a four-session series of discussions: A spiritual journey to discover what we’re here for. Whoever is interested in joining the journey (I suspect it will be everyone in the group) will be reading […]


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