The Living Room Story—just out—shows my experiences as I obeyed God, building the Living Room ministry, and helping those with lived experience be accepted by the church. It shows how God helped me serve for nine years until symptoms of ageing got the better of me.

I wrote this book to help me remember who I was and the work I had done—things that had grown vague in memory. The story is told eagerly, with an openness I cannot seem to escape, using blog posts collected from those wonderful years.

I show how I lived as God led me—not for myself alone. There’s no greater joy than to serve God with all you have. Despite my frequent bipolar struggles, I experienced much joy, Throughout the book, I believe readers will see that God was surely present throughout my many adventures. I kept him close.

I’m older now. Much has happened in my life and I’ve changed. It’s good to be able to go back and relive my story. And, unabashed, I say to myself, “I like that person.”


The Living Room Story is now available from