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The way we were – a photo book

A BOOK OF CANDID CHILD PHOTOGRAPHY My lifetime of work is now being assembled. If you, or a person you know, was photographed by me as a child, please email me at Let me know how you feel about having your photos included. Marja Bergen


Get to know yourself by studying history’s greats

Here and there I’ve mentioned a new book that will soon be launched online. Justice for All is a departure from anything else I’ve written. Its aim is to increase the confidence of those who would like to be more self-assured. Fights to overcome injustices have taken place throughout history. This book tells the stories […]


Why another book?

  The Living Room Story—just out—shows my experiences as I obeyed God, building the Living Room ministry, and helping those with lived experience be accepted by the church. It shows how God helped me serve for nine years until symptoms of ageing got the better of me. I wrote this book to help me remember […]


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