Here and there I’ve mentioned a new book that will soon be launched online. Justice for All is a departure from anything else I’ve written. Its aim is to increase the confidence of those who would like to be more self-assured.

Fights to overcome injustices have taken place throughout history. This book tells the stories of twelve of history’s greats who overcame some of them. It helps you reflect on what you might have in common with these individuals.

Their battles were against slavery, child labour, antisemitism, inequality for women, poverty, apartheid in South Africa, lack of civil rights in the United States, and the absence of health care in remote parts of the world.

You will read about Jesus Christ as a person who walked among us, not accepting the status quo because he saw the injustice that existed there, though most were blind to it.

We all see wrongs in the world that bother us and make us wish we could do something about it. What injustice is God showing you? As you learn about history’s greats, the book will come alongside and help you get to know yourself better. Is God asking you too to make the world a better place?

Stay tuned.