I ended the last post saying: “It’s just that people too often forget to act out the meat of Christ’s message: To love our neighbour and to love God. It’s all about love, isn’t it? Let us not forget to love each other.”

The above came from the depth of my heart. This message from Jesus, and from the pulpit, was what motivated me to love others, especially those who, like me, suffer from mental health problems. This love had lived in my heart since I first came to Christ.  Christ’s love, I believe, was what helped friends to love me and support me as strongly as they did in my work.

But there came a time in my life when a person who had taught me that very message no longer had such love for me. Behind closed doors Christ’s message was not acted out. Warmth was replaced by chill. The unfriendliness confused me. It hurt, coming from one who once had loved – from one I thought had been filled with Jesus.

If only I had understood about boundaries. But I was too much of a child. Innocent as a child, believing she was loved.

When I asked, because I wasn’t sure, I was told, “You’re always welcome here.”


Years later: “I have no compassion for childish people. They need to see a counselor.”