(April 13, 2008)

Yesterday I took a day off. I took a day for myself – just resting and reading. It was a beautiful feeling. I felt like I was on holidays. My husband was working all day so I was alone. No one interfered with the quiet solitude I had been craving.

But I was a little high too. I often feel that way after a Living Room meeting. And the more alone I was with my thoughts, the more they started bubbling over. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I needed to talk to someone. I so needed to share my feelings and thoughts with someone. How I longed to talk to my best friend who has been away for a long time! I tried to call my second best friend, another very important person to me, and she was out. Finally I called my pastor’s wife, also a good friend, and was able to let some of those bubbles flow over her. I felt better after that.

I always feel such a need to share my thoughts and feelings with others. I’m sometimes embarrassed about how many emails I send to my pastor, though he has assured me he doesn’t mind. (am so happy about that) Don’t know if that’s a bipolar thing or if it’s just my personality. I guess that’s what makes me a writer. It’s important to me to communicate with others. Can’t keep anything to myself. Guess that’s an okay thing, isn’t it?

If you’re reading this and you’re bipolar, do you feel that way as well? Do you also have a great need to express your thoughts to others? Do you also bubble over?