More than anything, people with mental health challenges need to have support from those who will listen to them and learn what their life is like. This is especially true for those living with borderline personality disorder (BPD). As a mental illness it’s probably the most stigmatized of all, causing 10% to die by suicide.

BPD and its sufferers desperately need to become better understood.

To fill this need, Marja Bergen published the 60-page booklet, Today’s Outcasts: Our Voices. It explains BPD and tells the experiences of those who live with it.

BPD entered most lives as a result of a difficult childhood, through pain that is always under the surface. Surely, it’s such hearts that Jesus came to heal.

In the way Jesus was there for the outcasts in his day, Jesus calls us to be his presence for those the world has rejected. He calls us to be there for people suffering from mental illnesses, especially a most misunderstood illness like BPD. What can we as his followers do to help them?

Today’s Outcasts can help. It can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF from  or ordered as a booklet for $12, including shipping.

A link to the PDF is included here. For more information, Marja can be contacted at