I’ve been a child. Still am one.

Eager to create. Eager to learn. Eager to give. Eager to love and be loved.

In a situation where a person you look up to shows love as you would have liked to be loved as a child, the child in you might very well appear. The adult part of you buried for a time. At least, I’ve found it so.

I could see that child appear when I founded Living Room.

The excitement of creating. The excitement of doing something important. The excitement of seeing what God was doing through me. The excitement of seeing what was possible with God in charge.

I was totally God’s child. Childlike or childish? Does it matter? I was alive, leaning on him in the midst of the storms of illness that often plagued me. Giving to others, often when I myself was in need.

  • I believe in God’s love.
  • I believe in the love God puts in the hearts of my friends.
  • I believe in the love godly friends give me.
  • They show me who God is like.
  • I trusted that love, because I believed it came from God.

But should I have trusted? Was it wrong to trust? Even those who were so godly?

I dimly remember the words from a friend. “People with always let you down.”