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A creative kick start

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  276  (April 13, 2010) Amazing how a little creativity – a new project – colour – excitement – can kick start a more positive mood! In the midst of my verge of depression, I had an idea last week. No, it didn’t come from me exactly. It was truly planted there by […]


Creative friend in hospital

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  179  (July 17, 2008) A couple of days ago I visited a blogging pal in hospital. I had for a long time been wanting her to play the piano for me – because I love piano music and because I heard her play one of her songs before and it was beautiful. […]


Moods, a rainbow of colour

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  59  (April 9, 2007) Going through the endless ups and downs I’ve been experiencing lately I have come to, once more, realize what a powerful effect our moods have on our lives. I’ve only had several black days but many rather down days. My current life is painting quite a clear picture […]


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