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Granny squares

  By the time my mom ended up in a care home, she had forgotten the many crochet stitches she used to be so good at. But she felt lost no longer having the hobby she had so loved. With great effort, she did re-learn the granny stitch, and once she did she seldom stopped […]


Finally unstuck (to be cont’d)

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  201  (November 7, 2008) As some of you know, I’ve been rather depressed for the past few weeks. I’m happy to say, though, that last Sunday I came unstuck from this down period. Free. Motivated once more. I did something that clearly got me there, but I’m not sure I should tell […]


A life of love

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  196  (October 11, 2008) Living Room was wonderful yesterday, yet I was worried about myself going into it. Wondered if I could lead the way I needed to. Life has been so very complex, especially with my mother sick. We found out she’d had a heart attack. She will be in hospital […]


Christmas…but life goes on

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  122 (December 11, 2007) Christmas time. You’d think the world would stop all its problems for a while so that we could concentrate on celebrating Christ. But life goes on. …Babies are born and people die. My mother-in-law is sick. She’s extremely weak. My focus is not so much on Christmas any […]


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