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God’s clear call (2019)

At the time I wrote the last post my counselor, husband and friends tried to tell me not to think so much about always doing for other people. They believed I should “dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.” (Psalm 37:3) I had been pretty busy with Living Room and looking for ways to […]


A reason for living

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  262  I’ve been thinking: I feel my best when I’m doing things for other people. When I’m living for something more than just myself. When I’m feeding into other people’s lives. And isn’t that the answer for all of us who have trouble finding a reason to live? Isn’t that the best […]


What’s good about depression?

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  95  (August 29, 2007) A friend sent me this quote from a book by Jonathan Zeuss, M.D.: “Depression is a quest for vision; its essence is transformation. Depression wells up and encompasses us for a time in a state of painful, dream-saturated formlessness, but its true purpose is to provide the opportunity […]



This morning I awoke not wanting to get up, which is hugely unlike me. I was literally moaning with bad feelings – ashamed of having this illness that far too often make me act unnaturally. I’m not ashamed of the illness, but about what it makes me do at times. And I feel such pain […]


Finding healing

Can I share a little smidgeon of a truth with you that I’ve discovered? I’ve known it for a long time, but sometimes such truths become more clear than they’ve ever been before. I’ve come to see how very true it is that when we help others we are most likely to find healing. What […]


A life worth living

                                                                 I only find life worth living if it is for the good of others as well as myself. Helping others is of ultimate importance to me. Living for the good of others has helped, and is helping, me survive a difficult life. I could not live without being there for those with problems like […]


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