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A life worth living

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I only find life worth living if it is for the good of others as well as myself. Helping others is of ultimate importance to me. Living for the good of others has helped, and is helping, me survive a difficult life. I could not live without being there for those with problems like mine. I need to encourage and give support in the way I have been supported and encouraged. I don’t know how I could possibly be happy without doing so.

At those times when I have considered taking my life, the reminder I most need to hear is what I’ve written in my safety plan: “The reason I live is so that I can give others a reason to live.” It’s that knowledge that keeps me going.  It’s good to know that my many struggles are not for nothing – that I can make good come out of them.  In this way, though I might be suffering, I receive encouragement. I’m reminded that I always have the opportunity to turn my bad times into something that could benefit others.

It’s hard to understand why so many people live mainly for themselves. They live for their own pleasure, not realizing the satisfaction that can be had when doing things for others. Not seeing any reason to live for anyone but themselves. These people are missing out bigtime.

When we have suffered all our lives and have learned from that pain, we will have much to give. We understand emotional struggles and pain in ways others don’t. We will be able to have compassion others might not so easily have. Suffering could even be considered a gift when it gives us wisdom we can share with others. It is possible to make good come out of bad.

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  1. Thanks Marja,
    Your information you send out, is always encouraging to me. I am a people person. I too need to talk and be with them and share the faith of our Father with whomever God puts in my path. I need spiritual nurturing as well as giving it. But…am not always able to use it when I want, due to circumstances besides s.a.d. Thank you God for still working on me.

    Marja, I wish for you a loving, healthy and Merry Christmas (2016
    Blessings, Susan Fast, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. Can

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