I’ve been thinking: I feel my best when I’m doing things for other people. When I’m living for something more than just myself. When I’m feeding into other people’s lives.

And isn’t that the answer for all of us who have trouble finding a reason to live? Isn’t that the best place to find a purpose for our lives?

Yesterday I started feeling somewhat down. I felt a need to do something meaningful. So I posted a picture that ended up to be pretty awful. It didn’t feel good at all. But later, when I posted something that I knew would lift my readers’ spirits, I felt so much better.

Today I want to get together with a friend who’s feeling down. Although I care about how she feels and am sad for her, at the same time I now have a very clear thing I need to do this day. It’s helping someone and that gives meaning to my life. It gives me a purpose for the day. It helps me stop thinking about myself and about my own needs.

Where do you find purpose for your life? What gives your life most meaning?