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Resolve to be a jungle doctor – A life worth living – Part 34

From Schweitzer’s autobiography: “One brilliant summer morning in Günsbach, during the Whitsuntide holidays—it was in 1896—as I awoke, the thought came to me that I must not accept this good fortune as a matter of course, but must give something in return.” “While outside the birds sang, I reflected on this thought and before I […]


Emily Stowe, female doctor – A life worth living, Part 23

EMILY HOWARD STOWE (1831-1903) Emily Howard Stowe was also a lifelong champion of women’s rights. She was the first Canadian woman to practice medicine. She campaigned tirelessly to provide women with access to medical schools, leading to the foundation of a medical college for women. Stowe was born on a farm in Norwich Township, Upper […]


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