(March 25, 2010)

The question I’ll ask at tomorrow’s Living Room is “What does is mean to surrender to God?”  What a wonderful topic to focus on right now! Don’t know exactly how I landed on it, but it’s certainly something I need myself. As usual, as I explore and prepare I’m learning a lot. I’m encouraged to trust God more with my troubles. I’m encouraged to let God have control.

We will discuss how “[our] attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5) We will discuss the three barriers that block our total surrender to God: fear, pride, and confusion.

1. Fear: Can you trust God? The more you realize how much God loves you the easier it is to surrender to Him.
2. Pride: Who is in control? The desire to have complete control is the cause of so much stress in our lives. We want to be God.
3. Fear and pride are the greatest barriers to knowing God. These often lead to:
Confusion: How can I know God?

Off and on lately I’ve felt ashamed of the way my disorder often makes me feel, think and act. I’m not really ashamed of having bipolar disorder as such, just what it does to me at times. And I realize what I need to do is to give these feelings to God. I need to trust that He loves me and that He is in control. I can use the way He made me (with the bipolar) if I live for His glory, giving all I am to Him.

And when I place my trust in Jesus I experience a sense of peace and freedom. I’m stronger to continue doing what I believe God made me to do.

A song on Youtube has been a real blessing to me. I share “I surrender all to Jesus” with you, hoping it will bless you as well.

How great God’s love is!! He loves us no matter what we do or say.