I’ve been preparing to explain what the best kind of spiritual food is for a person suffering from a mental health condition or emotional pain—a person often not accepted by the world, a person who may feel unloved and unlovable, a person who very much needs God.

But the thought has come to me that perhaps giving examples of who Jesus can be for those who suffer would be better than talking about it.

How could we best describe the Jesus who could bring healing to those who are hurting? This perspective of Jesus might appear quite foreign to those who haven’t needed him in this way.

In the next few posts I hope to bring you examples of a side of Jesus you might not have thought of before. You might come to understand what it is to be in fellowship with the suffering Christ. You might learn how to bring this view of Jesus to those you’d like to help deal with their emotional pain. Perhaps you will find that this perspective will help you too during difficult times.

In the next post, which I will pass along today, I will begin to bring you this perspective of who Jesus is and what he can be for us.