(November 28, 2009)

I’ve been doing ok over the past couple of days. In fact, yesterday was wonderful. Living Room turned out great, it left me feeling hugely blessed and at peace. I felt so good I didn’t feel like going to bed till late Just wanted to continue experiencing the good feelings.

And tomorrow, the Into the Light conference. Every time I think of it I get butterflies. It will be such a big deal and I feel like such a very small person. But I don’t feel the gross anxiety I did a while ago. I’ve come to terms and I’m now hoping to meet lots of people, people who might be interested to hear about Living Room.

Sunday morning will start with a 7:30 breakfast for consumers taking part in a consultation meeting with the Mental Health Commission of Canada. I’ve already met some of the people who will be there through email. Another person who I know will be there is someone who left a beautiful comment on one of my articles. It will be neat to meet her in person.

Can you believe, one of my biggest sources of anxiety – though it will sound to you like a small thing – is getting my three 24″ x 36″ posters up on the board. They’re so curled and I think it might be a struggle. If I had someone with me to help it wouldn’t be so bad, but I’ll be on my own. I’ll have to look for a friendly face and ask for help. One way to meet people, eh?

One person who would be amazingly wonderful to talk to if I only could, would be the Honourable Michael Kirby, the chair of the Commission, a huge fighter for the reduction of stigma. He will be there throughout. Might that be possible? Probably not, but I can dream; I can hope. One thing I know: I need to let as many people know about Living Room as I can. I need to highlight the importance of spirituality to mental health and what that means in the Christian realm.

I sound ok, don’t I? Pretty solidly balanced, eh? Thank God.